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Delcam gives BYD Auto shorter delivery times and higher quality

Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system allows BYD to shorten its production cycles and maintain high product quality

Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM software is helping to shorten delivery times and maintain high quality at the Press Tool Division of Chinese car-maker BYD Auto.  The company has been so impressed with the results given by PowerMILL that it added six further seats of the software in its mouldmaking factory in Shenzhen in 2010.

BYD Auto is part of the BYD Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries for mobile phones.  The company has also designed and manufactured handsets and parts for Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.  Owner Wang Chuan-Fu moved into the automotive business in 2003 by buying the Chinese state-owned Qinchuan Automobile Company.  By 2010, BYD Auto had grown into one of China’s largest automotive companies with sales of over 500,000 cars, while the company’s F3 model had become the most frequently purchased car in the country.

Like other manufacturing operations within BYD, the press tool department divides its work between supplying the parent company and manufacturing tooling for FAW, Chery, Foton and other Chinese automotive companies, and for international customers, including Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Land Rover.

The department has used PowerMILL since 2006.  During that time, the users have experimented with most of the strategies in the software to optimise the results it obtains from its range of Japanese machine tools.  "We believe that PowerMILL has many advantages,” commented Manufacturing Manager, Mr. Meng Yu.  "Firstly, the software is easy to use.  Secondly, the system is very professional with fast calculation times.  It is rich in machining strategies, especially for the automotive stamping industry, and provides flexible post-processing.  Overall, PowerMILL lets us shine.”

BYD believes that PowerMILL offers large benefits to its manufacturing departments, not only by shortening the production cycles considerably but also in maintaining high product quality.  The programmers use the PowerMILL machining strategies both to improve the efficiency of the machining workshop and to reduce tool wear.

Mr. Meng Yu added, "Now, the latest version supports multi-core computing.  For a large mould, we have looked at the whole process and found overall savings of around 50% of the calculation time.  Our comparison showed that, for our tooling, the improvement was even better than the official figures published by Delcam.  This has meant a significant reduction in programming times, which means much shorter development cycles.”

"As well as supplying excellent software, Delcam China also provides professional customisation services,” continued Mr. Meng Yu.  "These have helped us to customise PowerMILL to meet our unique needs and to capture a lot of the knowledge of our experienced people in the software.”

BYD continues to introduce new cars, with each new model requiring new tooling and providing more challenges.  The introduction of advanced technologies to reduce the complexity of the work, along with the accumulation of experience within the technical staff ensures the quality of parts remains high.  "We will continue to develop the automation within PowerMILL,” Mr. Meng Yu said.  "We are aiming ultimately for a completely automatic method for machining our press dies.”

23 February 2012

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