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  • Delcam updates DentMILL for Roland dental milling software

Delcam updates DentMILL for Roland dental milling software

Delcam has introduced DentMILL for Roland Express to provide toolpaths for the Roland DWX-4 machine

Delcam has released a new version of its DentMILL for Roland dental milling software tailored specifically for the production of crowns and bridges in zirconia, wax and PMMA on the Roland DXW-50 desktop machining system.  At the same time, Delcam has released a new related program, DentMILL for Roland Express, which supports the Roland DWX-4 machine.

Both programs are based on the 2014 R2 release of Delcam’s extremely successful DentMILL milling software, with the addition of dedicated templates for the automated generation of machining procedures specifically for the Roland equipment, plus libraries of proven tooling and fixturing.  The key difference between them is that DentMILL for Roland supports both the five-axis and three-axis capabilities of the DWX-50, whereas DentMILL for Roland Express provides three-axis toolpaths for the DWX-4.

DentMILL for Roland benefits from the many proven strengths of DentMILL.  These include a range of advanced strategies that offer smoother machining to give the best possible surface finish, plus flexible five-axis techniques that can produce even the most complex restorations quickly and accurately. 

For both programs, background-processing capabilities mean that toolpath calculations can be started on the first items added to the block, while the remaining restorations are still being positioned.  This technology also allows work to be undertaken simultaneously on a number of projects.  Both capabilities can reduce the overall calculation times significantly for a series of restorations.

Both of the new releases support the use of multi-holder fixtures.  These fixtures allow individual restorations to be machined from discrete blocks of material, rather than machining multiple items from a single block.  The machining program can now be created so that all operations with a particular tool across the various items can be completed in sequence before moving to the next cutter, so speeding up manufacturing by reducing tooling changes.

Improvements have been made to the scaling of models to compensate for shrinkage of materials during the sintering process.  This option now includes the ability to undertake non-uniform 3D scaling, allowing more accurate scaling to give better-fitting restorations.

Data import has also been enhanced to improve the import of models from many different dental design systems.  In particular, more variants of 3Shape parts can now be read into the software.

The links to Delcam’s OrderManager workflow management software now provide a quicker, slicker and more intelligent mechanism for transferring new restorations into DentMILL from OrderManager, thus making the whole process more efficient and saving time.  OrderManager then manages the whole process from the initial order through to manufacturing and final dispatch.

31 July 2014