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  • Delcam’s ArtCAM helps student to MTA Challenge victory

Delcam’s ArtCAM helps student to MTA Challenge victory

Charlie Smith with the ‘SOLA’ water-heating stove that won the MTA Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge for 17-19 year-olds

Delcam’s ArtCAM artistic CADCAM software was used by Charlie Smith of Sedbergh School to create his innovative ‘SOLA’ water-heating stove for outdoor expeditions.  The design lead to Charlie winning the Manufacturing Technology Association’s (MTA) annual Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge in the competition for the 17-19 age group.

Charlie’s victory is the latest result of Delcam’s close partnership with the Sedbergh School, an independent co-educational school based in Cumbria.  Delcam sponsored the installation of a state-of-the-art Roland MDX540 at the school, with the company’s David Stokes helping students with a variety of projects, including Charlie’s successful entry. 

Open to all Technology and Design students, the nationwide MTA competition is split into two age groups: 14-16 years old and 17-19 years old.  The 12 finalists, who all impressed the judges with their engineering talent, were chosen by the MTA’s Education and Training committee.  The final judging and the award ceremony took place on 9th July at the Yamazaki Mazak European Headquarters in Worcester.

The MTA's TDI Challenge exists to help teachers and lecturers promote the great work of their D&T and Engineering students and to celebrate the creativity and innovation taking place inside the curriculum.  The TDI Challenge is free to enter for all students and schools.

24 July 2014