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  • Delcam software gives 30% productivity increase at Meccanica Merletti

Delcam software gives 30% productivity increase at Meccanica Merletti

Aluminium parts manufactured by Meccanica Merletti for the Agusta BA609
PowerSHAPE in use

The installation of two seats of Delcam’s PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL CADCAM software has increased productivity by 30% at Italian aeronautics/aerospace sub-contractor, Meccanica Merletti. The Delcam software has also helped to reduce delivery times by as much as 60% and lead to significant improvements in quality on projects for distinguished customers including Agusta Westland, Aermacchi, Parker Hannifin and Mecaer.

The history of Meccanica Merletti dates back to 1972, when founder Mr. Gianluigi Merletti set up the firm in the old part of the northern Italian town Arsago Seprio. Mr. Gianluigi still manages the company, together with his wife Narcisa, his son Ruggero and his daughter Sabina. From the start, it was clear that, in order to be successful, the focus should be on high-precision mechanical components with a high technical content, rather than on high-volume, low-value business.

In the early days, the company undertook work for a wide range of industries but, towards the end of the 1980s, an increasing percentage of business was coming from the aeronautics/aerospace sector. This change was one of the factors behind a move to new premises just four kilometres from Milan’s Malpensa Airport in 1990. The new building covers about 2,600 square meters and contains a wide range of modern machine tools.

A drive for the highest levels of customer service continuously prompts Mr. Merletti to improve his company, in particular by finding innovative solutions to raise quality and the speed of delivery. This includes regular reviews of the CADCAM systems being used, the latest of which lead to the installation of the Delcam software in January 2000.

Before adding the PowerSHAPE CAD software and the PowerMILL CAM system, Meccanica Merletti had been limited to 2D systems, which meant that the company’s machine tools could work with a maximum of 2.5 axes simultaneously. With the new software, more complex manufacturing operations could be undertaken, initially with 3 axes and then with full continuous five-axis machining. In addition, using Delcam software gave much faster and more accurate translation of the CATIA files sent in by the customers.

As the skilled engineers at Meccanica Merletti have become more familiar with the new techniques, the benefits have increased so that now the company has gained a 30% increase in productivity and reductions of up to 60% in delivery times. Quality has also improved, an important consideration for a company with such high standards that it was awarded ISO 9001 accreditation in May 1995.