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  • Delcam software overcomes Onkar's problems with quality and delivery

Delcam software overcomes Onkar's problems with quality and delivery

PowerSHAPE has allowed Onkar to design complex tooling in-house

Adding Delcam’s Power Solution CADCAM software has enabled Indian sheet metal specialists Onkar Dies Pvt. Ltd to bring its press tool design and manufacture in-house and so overcome problems with quality and delivery times.

Based in Pune, close to where Delcam India has its headquarters, Onkar has more than 20 years of experience in various areas of sheet metal manufacture, especially automotive body panel production. Even though the company had built up a good reputation for being able to handle the most challenging designs, it had always outsourced its tool design and manufacture. This approach had lead to quality control issues and had also delayed some deliveries.

As a result, Mr. Kolte, Managing Director of Onkar, decided to introduce the company’s own CADCAM system along with a CNC machine. Despite his vast experience and knowledge of the sheetmetal business, Mr. Kolte was new to this field and so did a detailed market survey to decide on the technology in which he wished to invest to take his company into the future.

As well as undertaking a very stringent testing of the different capabilities of various CADCAM systems, Mr. Kolte spoke to his contacts in the tooling industry to get a proper insight into their experiences. "Since we were new to CAM software, I gave a lot of importance to support issues while making my choice,” said Mr. Kolte. The overall decision was to standardise on Delcam’s PowerSHAPE CAD modeller and the PowerMILL CAM system.

The other concern that Mr. Kolte had while investing in CADCAM and CNC machining technology was the very quick turnover of trained people in India. So he insisted that his existing core team should be trained rather then hiring new people. The challenge for Delcam India was to train people with very little knowledge of computers, let alone CADCAM software. Despite these initial concerns, the staff responded impressively. "PowerSHAPE’s advanced surface techniques make it easy for us to design complicated and challenging jobs,” commented Works Manager, Vageesh Muthya. Mr. Kailas Bade, the main user of PowerMILL, added, "Delcam’s software is very user friendly and the toolpath calculation speed is faster than any other CAM software I have seen.”

From having no CNC until 2001, today Onkar Dies has four CNC machines, supported by multiple seats of PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL. These investments have helped Onkar to subsequently become a significant supplier to Tata Motors Ltd, one of India’s largest automobile manufacturers. With the addition of new seats, extra staff have had to be hired from outside, but Mr. Kolte never fears the turnover of his newer people as his core team has complete knowledge of the Delcam systems .