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  • Designer claims “Delcam's PowerSHAPE CAD keeps me young”

Designer claims “Delcam's PowerSHAPE CAD keeps me young”

An example of Mr. Zulian’s designs created in PowerSHAPE

Italian designer Gianfranco Zulian claims that Delcam’s PowerSHAPE CAD software has kept him young by providing the ideal outlet for his creativity. More conventionally, he also believes that the software has been essential to the continued success of his design business.

After working in a number of design positions, Mr. Zulian formed his own company Zulian Design in 1971 using traditional methods based on sketches. The arrival of computer-aided design methods in recent years has proved a major turning point for his industry. "Not a lot of concept designers liked CAD,” remembered Mr. Zulian. "Many of my contemporaries gave up rather than change their methods.”

"Unlike them, I had always liked computers so I reinvented myself and my business,” he added. "With PowerSHAPE, I have been able to build on my recognised skill as an artist and become established as a designer working with CAD.”

The other important factor in the success of Zulian Design has been Mr. Zulian’s ability to not only work as a consultant on the initial concept but also to manage the engineering aspects of bringing the design into production.

Again his choice of software was an important factor. "PowerSHAPE is more useful than pure design systems,” claimed Mr. Zulian. "They just give you pretty pictures but PowerSHAPE has support for engineering. This is essential because the true skill of the designer is not just in creating a beautiful image but in making the product the best that you can, in the time available and at the right price.”

"I first saw a PowerSHAPE demonstration in 2001 and started using it in 2002,” remembered Mr. Zulian. "I looked at solid modelling systems but I did not think they would be suitable for my style of design as they were too rigid in the way that they worked. I get the maximum freedom for my creativity with PowerSHAPE – it works more like the old sketching methods.”

"Another benefit is the direct link to CAM for quick realisation of ideas as physical prototypes,” he added. "This saves a lot of time. Also, the quality of the data from PowerSHAPE is very high so there are few problems in transferring designs into my customers’ computer systems.”

Mr. Zulian now operates his company as part of a network of about ten people. He brings together a team from this group for each project depending on the expertise required. Although he started out by presenting his ideas to companies for development, all of his projects are now commissioned by customers familiar with his work.