Delcam software chosen by composites pioneer ATR Group

Front & Rear Wheel
Carbon fibre-reinforced chassis for the SLC microbar made by ATR

The ATR Group, one of Europe’s leaders in the design, development and manufacture of carbon fibre-reinforced composites, has added Delcam’s Power Solution software for the production of prototypes, patterns and tooling. The Delcam software is also used for the development of two-dimensional design of pre-preg fibre shapes from three-dimensional CAD models of parts.

ATR was founded by Umberto Pierantozzi in 1982. Mr. Pierantozzi wanted to introduce the unidirectional carbon fibre composite materials used in the aerospace industry into motor sport. He believed that the combination of the unidirectional reinforcement and high-performance epoxy resins would give the rigidity and stiffness required, while also enabling big weight advantages. By 1985, the first motorbike chassis had been created, while in 1986 ATR produced one of the world’s first composite monocoque chassis for the Minardi 187.

Over the following years, ATR grew so that it now employs more than 1,000 people in four factories. Although the autosport industry is still a key part of the company’s business, it also manufactures components for road cars and motorbikes. Other applications of the company’s composites include Colnago bicycles, Louis Vuitton luggage and components for the European Space Station.

Giulio Strambi, Technical Department Manager at ATR, explained that it was the move into highervolume production that prompted the first investment in Delcam software. "For many years, we usedcomposite tooling but this is only suitable for a maximum of 100 or 200 parts,” he said. "When we began to produce some of our motorcycle components in higher volumes, we decided to introduce aluminium tooling and so started looking for the best software to machine the material. We undertook tests on a number of systems and the results indicated that PowerMILL’s more efficient machining strategies would give us higher productivity.”

Following this initial success, additional PowerMILL seats were acquired to replace the system previously used for the machining of prototypes and patterns for the composite tooling. "Five-axis machining of our patterns is more efficient with PowerMILL,” commented Mr. Lupi, Machine Programming Manager. "The software is also very easy to use for a five-axis package. Only a few days of training are needed so the extra seats could be implemented very quickly.”

ATR is a supplier for some of the world’s most luxurious cars, including the Ferrari Enzo, the Lamborghini Diablo and the Porsche Carrera GT so high quality is an absolute priority. "In all our applications, PowerMILL is very robust and stable so we can trust the results” said Mr. Lupi. "We only need minimal hand finishing of patterns to get a class A finish.”

"This collaboration has been typical of the excellent support that has been an important part of our growing relationship with Delcam Italia. The staff are always ready to visit whenever we need help. We are now working with Delcam on programming of the special six-axis machines we use for cutting laminates of carbon fibre with either foam or honeycomb interiors.”