Delcam’s PowerSHAPE speeds eyeware design

PowerSHAPE ensures the highest qulaity designs at Tecnol

To make sure their customers only receive the highest quality eyeware products, Brazilian manufacturer Tecnol has replaced its previous design system with Delcam’s PowerSHAPE hybrid modelling software at its Campinas plant, near Sao Paulo. Since making the change, the company has increased its launch rate for new styles to a minimum of seven new products per month. It is also on target to achieve a total 25% time reduction within its new product development process.

 The Tecnol Group is one of the region’s largest optical manufacturers, with over 1,300 professional staff operating in modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. As well as producing its own original styles, it also manufactures designs under licence from international brands including Lacoste, Benetton and Pierre Cardin.

After only two months of all staff from Tecnol’s modelling department completing their training in the software, the effects of PowerSHAPE’s versatility and flexibility were already noticeable. Both the design of new styles, and subsequent changes to the initial models, had become faster because of the combination of solid and surface modelling offered by the Delcam software.

PowerSHAPE has also helped to raise quality by ensuring exact symmetry in the design components and in improving the fit of the lenses. The availability of three-dimensional models, rather than just sketches and two-dimensional drawings, also simplified the planning of down-stream manufacturing operations.