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  • Delcam’s Total Modelling used for custom-made motorcycle helmets

Delcam’s Total Modelling used for custom-made motorcycle helmets

Mould set for a Vega helmet
Vega helmet designed with Total Modelling

Delcam’s Total Modelling design solution has enabled Vega Auto, one of India’s leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, to produce custom-made helmet designs at an economical price. This unique service is an important part of the company’s move from its home market into supplying helmets to countries like the USA, Germany, and Canada.

Mould set for a Vega helmet Vega Auto first approached Delcam India when the company was investigating the possibility of adding an in-house mouldmaking facility, instead of sub-contracting all of this work. R & D Manager Daniel Raravi had been impressed by the results that he had seen from his sub-contractors that were using Delcam software.
However, during the demonstration, Managing Director Dilip Chandak was most interested in the creative possibilities of ArtCAM and the embossing capabilities in PowerSHAPE. These unique features persuaded Vega to standardise on Delcam software for its complete "Product Design to Manufacturing” process.

Improvements have been seen at all stages. PowerSHAPE and ArtCAM give more flexibility in product design, including the embossing of complex shapes on top of the helmet surface, while CopyCAD helps in reverse engineering. By using PS-Moldmaker, Vega has made its mould design area more productive. Finally, PowerMILL’s faster toolpath generation and powerful strategies have given better surface finishes and faster delivery times.  

PowerSHAPE’s photo-realistic rendering has made a major contribution. Mr. Raravi commented, "We have stopped making physical prototyping of helmets as we can see complete 3D rendered model on the screen. As a result, our R & D time and cost has been reduced by 50%.”

As well as providing a valuable reference site, Vega has also become a very strong promotional partner for Delcam India. The company has insisted the any sub-contractors that were not already using Delcam systems should invest in the software if they want to remain as suppliers. Furthermore, in an advertising campaign that was published in most of the leading automotive industry magazines in India, the company gave full credit to the Power Solution software as a main contributor to the high quality of its products and the strong growth of its business.