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  • Delcam software speeds up product development at golf club manufacturer

Delcam software speeds up product development at golf club manufacturer

Using PowerMILL for five-axis machining has reduced machining times by up to 50%
An Image of A Man using the Finished Golf Club

"PowerMILL has allowed us to cut our machining times substantially"

Mr. Lee, Manager, R & D Department, Dynamic

Adding a DMG five-axis machine tool and the five-axis programming option to its PowerMILL CAM software has reduced mould-manufacturing time by 35% and improved quality at Taiwanese golf club manufacturer. These latest improvements come on top of significant productivity increases already seen since Delcam’s Power Solution CADCAM software was first installed two years ago.

Mr. Gao, Vice President of Dynamic, explained that, "The current market requires golf clubs that combine aesthetic, artistic designs with practical features for controlled and long-distance play. They have more complicated shapes that must be made to higher accuracy and so are more difficult to design and manufacture. It was recognised that we had to upgrade our CADCAM systems and use 5-axis machines if we want to meet our customers’ requirements.”

Mr. Lee, Manager of R&D Department, added, "When we purchased the Delcam Power Solution software two years ago, we thoroughly evaluated all aspects of the package. We concluded that it could provide us with a complete solution for our applications with clear benefits over our existing systems for reverse engineering, core/cavity splitting, high-speed machining and 3D artistic relief design.”

"Two years of production use has proved that our decision to replace our existing CADCAM system was a good one. With Delcam’s PowerSHAPE hybrid modeller, we can read in CAD data from our clients very reliably. We can fix any defects in the model quickly and complete fast core/cavity separation, even for very complicated golf clubs. Another big advantage is that we can use PowerSHAPE to design moulds in 3D, which has reduced our mould design time by 50%.”

On CAM side, "PowerMILL has allowed us to substantially reduce our machining time,” Mr. Lee explained. "We especially like features like the comprehensive gouge prevention, flexible toolpath editing and high calculation speed. It is also very easy and efficient to use.”

"In order to further reduce our machining time, we decided to purchase a DMU 5-axis machine tool and the PowerMILL 5-axis machining module,” added Mr. Lee. "With these new facilities, we have much reduced need for multiple alignment of jobs and have reduced the time and money for producing fixtures. These savings have allowed the company to apply more resources to improving other aspects of our production.”

"The new facilities also allow us to use shorter tools to machine areas which might need very long tools if machined by 3-axis machines. This has also improved our machining accuracy and surface finish, while reducing machining time by up to 50%.”

Dynamic has introduced shop-floor machining, which is not as commonplace in Asia as it is in Europe or North America. "With PowerMILL sitting alongside our CNC machine tools and operated by our staff on the workshop, we can produce much more efficient tool paths and respond to any changes more quickly,” explained Mr. Lee. "In addition, combining the work of machine operator and CAM programmer is another big cost saving for the company.”