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  • Delcam’s DentMILL supports rapid growth at dental milling centre

Delcam’s DentMILL supports rapid growth at dental milling centre

Jay Haines shows of one of the Lava zirconia dental products machined with DentMILL

The high level of flexibility in Delcam’s DentMILL dental machining software, plus the impressive customer service from Delcam staff, has helped the Issaquah Milling Center maintain its rapid growth in the face of increasing competition.  Similar success at many other customers contributed to Delcam’s CADCAM software for dental restorations being given the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category earlier this year.

The IMC was formed by the Issaquah Dental Lab in Issaquah, near Seattle, Washington, so that it could gain control over its manufacturing.  Until then, the organisation had, like many other labs, installed an in-house scanner to collect data from its patients and sent its coping designs out via the Internet to have them fabricated.

Dental products are one of the hottest markets for the CADCAM and healthcare industries but this brings challenges as well as opportunities according to Jay Haines, manager of IMC.  "Everybody’s seen that this is a very successful segment and they’re jumping on the bandwagon,” he said.  "We continue to research every avenue of new technology as part of our commitment to keep one step ahead.  This has included looking at every CADCAM system that has come onto the market.   With DentMILL, Delcam offered me the most flexibility and the best customer service when I was looking for potential machining packages.”

"We make a variety of substructures for crowns and bridges for the dental industry,” added Mr. Haines.  "DentMILL seemed to provide the best combination of user interaction and user interface to do essentially what my business needed to do.”

One of IMC’s favourite aspects of DentMILL is the engraving feature. "We have many parts coming to us that are defined elsewhere,” explained Mr. Haines.  "If a remote lab has scanned a part, it could be a nightmare to manage getting the correct parts to the correct customer.  With DentMILL, I can engrave a mark that represents a particular lab on every individual part.  It doesn’t show or harm the integrity of the part in any way.  I can look at it under the microscope and make sure my customers are happy because they’re getting their parts and not somebody else’s.  I haven’t seen any other dental CAM product that has this engraving feature.”

Mr. Haines and his team have developed their own software solutions to integrate with DentMILL as part of their custom machining strategies.  That has helped IMC to grow over the past seven years from one 3M Lava Zirconia milling machine to ten, and they’ve also added a Wieland i-mes machine.

Despite this dramatic growth, Mr. Haines says that his life has become easier since adding the Delcam software.  "The technical support is great,” he reported. "That makes it simpler for me to do my job because I don’t have to think about who to call.  I always get what I want when I need it.”