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  • Delcam software doubles productivity at turbine manufacturer

Delcam software doubles productivity at turbine manufacturer

Turboatom manufactures turbines up to 19 metres in diameter with its Delcam software

Many companies have experienced a doubling of their productivity after changing to Delcam’s CADCAM software.  However, there are very few examples where that means going from producing an average of one item in a typical day up to completing two parts each day.  That was the case at the Turboatom plant in the Ukraine, which produces turbines for power stations that can be up to 19 metres in diameter.

Turbines from the Turboatom plant have been supplied to 45 countries around the world.   Equipment is provided for all types of power generation: steam, gas, hydraulic and even nuclear.

Delcam reseller Adequate Systems first met the engineers from Turboatom during a seminar organised by the Engineering Club in Kharkov.  A presentation was given on the use of Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software with an inspection arm at this informal meeting for managers of local enterprises to see new technology.

A second demonstration was then carried out at the Turboatom plant.  The engineers from the plant were looking to find a way to check the castings for the turbines, especially the blades, in the centre of the foundry, instead of having to move them to a specialised measuring area.  The results from the castings could then be used to determine how much material needed to be machined away to create the finished part.

The demonstration was so successful that Turboatom decided not only to invest in PowerINSPECT but also to investigate adding the PowerSHAPE CAD software and the PowerMILL CAM system as well.  The Chief Engineer of Turboatom, Grigory Ischenko, commented, "Before adding the Delcam software, we could only complete one blade each day.  Now, we produce two blades, which, for us, is a big improvement.”

"We are now looking into a number of other areas in our production where we are experiencing problems,” added Mr. Ischenko.  "With help from Adequate Systems and more Delcam software, we believe it will be possible to move up to four blades per day.”