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  • Delcam’s PowerMILL gives composites manufacturer accuracy at every stage

Delcam’s PowerMILL gives composites manufacturer accuracy at every stage

CBS uses PowerMILL both to create the pattern and to finish machine components like this radome

"Successful manufacture of composite components requires high accuracy at every stage that can only be provided by high-quality CAM software like Delcam’s PowerMILL.”  So claims engineer Luciano Invernizzi, from CBS, an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of advanced composites for the aerospace and automotive industry.

"Although we started in the automotive sector, more than half of our work now comes from the aerospace industry,” he stated.  "In 1999, we obtained the qualification for the manufacture of advanced composite parts for Augusta.  This was followed during the next year by our first contract from Aermacchi.  However, a big part of our production is still related to the automotive sector, in particular parts for Formula 1 and other racing classes, and for luxury cars.”

The company’s machining operations are all programmed with the Delcam software, from the creation of the master model for the mould, through to the trimming and drilling of the parts once they have been extracted from the mould.  "PowerMILL gives us the opportunity to use a wide range of strategies at every stage,” claimed Mr. Invernizzi.  "You can choose the approach most suited to the particular issues involved in the different stages of production and they are all extremely effective.”

The benefits start from the ability to create master models that faithfully reproduce the CAD models developed for the design.  This ensures that the subsequent mouldmaking and moulding operations will produce accurate components.

The introduction of the PowerMILL software for finish machining of the parts replaced manual methods used previously.  It has reduced the possibility of errors and increased the accuracy of cutting compared to the results achieved when these operations were performed manually.

Big time advantages have also been gained through automation of these parts of the process.  "PowerMILL’s ease of use allows programs for the drilling and trimming operations to be created in a very short time,” said Mr. Invernizzi.  "Considerable savings can also be obtained through the faster completion of the machining operations.  These time savings translate into major cost savings, due, on the one hand, to increases in our production capacity, and, on the other, to the more efficient use of manpower.”