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Delcam’s FeatureCAM helps win million dollar contract

Delcam’s FeatureCAM has helped Moscow Mills to win a $1 million contract to develop the Boat Trap

Delcam’s FeatureCAM CAM system has helped Moscow Mills Manufacturing of Moscow, Vermont, along with partner company Foster-Miller, Inc., from Waltham, Massachusetts, to win a $1 million dollar contract from the United States Marine Corps Systems Command Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.  The contract is to further develop an advanced ‘Boat Trap’ system designed to support harbour security in the US and at military bases abroad.  

The companies have worked for more than two years to develop the Boat Trap system using FeatureCAM to create the machining programs for the components.  The system is based on a non-lethal, ballistic net deployed from a helicopter into the path of any threatening or suspicious boat.  The net ensnares the propellers of the target vessel, disabling the craft.

"We currently use FeatureCAM in both our lathe and mill departments to program all the toolpaths for key components in the project,” said Anderson Leveille, Moscow Mills engineering manager.  "The flexibility of the software is fantastic.  The more we dig into it and use its diverse and robust features, the better we appreciate what a fantastic product it is.”

"We use the software to produce high quality, short run production components and prototypes for our customers.  This is one of the most difficult segments in the industry in which to compete successfully,” Mr. Anderson continued.  "When doing short-run, high-end parts you do not have the luxury of amortising large amounts of set-up time over many components.  Hitting the ground running and creating usable code quickly is a key part of our strategy to turn around our customers’ projects in record times.  As the Boat Trap moves from concept to reality, FeatureCAM’s outstanding flexibility allows us to go from art to part in record time.”

One of the key features for Moscow Mills is FeatureCAM’s Automatic Feature Recognition capability.  This automatically recognises turned features, bores and grooves from imported turned solids, together with sides, bosses and pockets for milling, and so allows much faster programming.  In addition, any new solid models can be monitored for changes, which are automatically highlighted by the software.

"Even with our outstanding track record, this project would not have been possible without FeatureCAM,” said Anderson Leveille, founder of Moscow Mills.  "I have six seats of the software, and all of my men program with it.”