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  • Delcam’s PowerMILL specified by India’s largest toolmaker

Delcam’s PowerMILL specified by India’s largest toolmaker

Ravi Singh, Senior Manager – CadCam in the Godrej Tooling Division, experienced 40% to 50% faster programming with Delcam’s PowerMILL

India’s largest commercial toolmaker, the Tooling Division of the Godrej Group, has selected Delcam’s PowerMILL as its preferred CAM system. With more than 60 years’ experience in the design, machining and inspection of precision tools, the Tooling Division at Godrej is also one of the country’s most sophisticated manufacturers.  To maintain its competitive position, the Division has invested in the latest technology, equipping itself with extensive CADCAM facilities and advanced CNC machines.  Quality is maintained through stringent checks and controls at all stages.

The Godrej Group is one of the largest privately-held industrial corporations in India.  The organisation has ten major business divisions, which manufacture and market a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

The Tooling Division caters to the varied tooling needs of all these industries but has a pronounced emphasis on the automotive industry.  It concentrates mainly on plastic moulds, die-casting dies, sheet-metal dies, progressive tools and lamination dies, mainly made from tungsten-carbide and high-strength steels.  The Division is also engaged in designing and manufacturing special-purpose machines and precision-machined components for the engineering industries.

The introduction of PowerMILL has enabled Godrej to reduce programming times by between 40% and 50% when compared to the CAM packages that were used previously.  "Delcam’s PowerMILL has maximised the productivity of our new machines and thus has increased the rate of return on our investment.  After comparing the results with our previous systems, Delcam’s software has not only improved our programming efficiency but has also improved our machining productivity,” said Ravi Singh, Senior Manager – CadCam in the Tooling Division.  "These benefits have come without any compromise on the mould finish, the geometric accuracy or the visual quality of our products.”

"A good CADCAM system also requires the right backup and support,” added Mr. Singh.  "The real secret to Delcam’s success is its support.  The staff at Delcam India have always responded quickly and been very helpful.  They have put in a lot of effort to support us in all kinds of ways.”

"The increased use of more complex machining techniques has made it essential for Godrej and Delcam to work together closely.  In today’s global competitive scenario, it is imperative that not only the quality but also the cost and delivery should be addressed with equal vigour,” said Mr. Singh.  "We have become Delcam’s largest customer in the Mumbai region.  Being a prominent user of Delcam, we are able to achieve various improvements which suit typical toolroom needs.”

"Godrej is extending its long-term relationship with Delcam.  After experiencing the quality of software and support provided by Delcam, we have increased steadily the number of PowerMILL seats.  In addition to that, we are looking to further enhance our systems by evaluating software such as Delcam Electrode, for easy and flexible electrode manufacture, and FeatureCAM, for quicker and more-automated programming of our 2D parts,” Mr. Singh concluded.