Swiss Machining Embraces CAM with Good Reason

An expert's view on the paradigms that have given rise to the importance of this software in the market.

By Hanan Fishman
Vice President
Partmaker Software/IMCS Inc.

Used to be you said "CAM” to a CNC Swiss-type lathe user and the first thought that came to mind was the actual cams on a screw machine.

Not any more.

Today, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software has become as critical a tool to those involved in CNC Swiss turning as it is to those involved in milling, the traditional bastion of CAM software. Just a decade ago, CNC Swiss machines were essentially all programmed manually. Today, more and more Swiss shops are turning to CAM software to automate their CNC programming.

What changed to make CAM software such an important facet of Swiss machining?

The answer—a lot.

Let’s explore some of the major paradigms in CNC Swiss-turning, ones that have caused the rise in popularity of CAM software.

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