Satisfying difficult demands

Visualisation in PowerSHAPE aids collaboration between the design and production departments

After more than twenty years hard work, Fae Stampi has become established as a leader in the design and manufacture of moulds for footwear, currently producing around 200 moulds every month. For more than half that time, the company has used Delcam software. "Thanks to our CADCAM systems, we can satisfy the increasingly difficult demands of our clients, both in terms of quality and delivery times,” claimed company owner, Renzo Bettin.

For the size of the company – Fae Stampi employs about 30 people – the investment in CADCAM has been considerable. However, together with the other advanced technology installed in the company’s five-year-old factory in Gravellona Lomellina, near the heart of Italy’s footwear manufacturing industry, there is a constant return in both quality and productivity. Fae Stampi can now rapidly produce moulds to the highest standards for PVC, EVA, rubber and polyurethane shoes, including tools for the direct injection of the sole onto the upper and for two-colour and three-colour combinations.

Sole designs are created with PowerSHAPE based on the preliminary specifications supplied by the client. A physical model is machined in resin with PowerMILL for approval. Then work can begin on the mould.

The use of Delcam software and close collaboration between the design and production departments reduce manufacturing times to a minimum, so allowing Fae Stampi to undertake a larger number of projects.

A key element is the grading functionality in PowerSHAPE’s PS-Shoemaker module. This allows the operator to produce samples and moulds across the entire range of sizes. "Once a client has approved the first sample we create, the entire production series can be developed very quickly,” said Mr. Bettin. "In a couple of days or less, we can have all of the resin models ready and go on to producing the moulds.”

The use of PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL is now fully incorporated into the entire development process; a clear indication of the ease of use of the software and the advantages it brings to the company. The close relationship between Fae Stampi and Delcam Italia has helped both in the development of the software and in its implementation.

"Fae Stampi works mainly in the designer label end of the market,” explained Mr. Bettin. "We supply moulds for some of the best known and highest quality brands in the world. Delcam has helped us introduce a genuine change in the methods we use. How could we go backwards?”