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GL PAK - The beauty of versatility

Powder compact produced by GL Pak with Delcam software
GL Pak even uses Delcam's Power Solution for the moulds for its soaps

Delcam has always prided itself on the versatility of its software, believing it to be the best for all types of tooling. Few companies test that versatility as much as Thailand’s GL Pak. The company is a subsidiary of Garguar Lab Co. Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics and toiletries in the country, and produces all the packaging required by its parent company as well as a growing list of other suppliers. 

It uses its single seat of software to produce blow moulds for bottles, injection moulds for the caps, press tools for aluminium trays for cosmetic powders, and even moulds for a wide range of soaps. In total, this represents more than 100 sets of tooling each year.
GL Pak was formed in 1993, with all its work undertaken by hand. However, late in 1995, the company acquired its CNC machine, together with a very basic programming system. President Dr. Jantaritthirathsamee was pleased with the results from the machine but realised more powerful software would be needed to maximise the benefits.

"We looked at a range of systems," recalled Dr. Jantaritthirathsamee. "At that time, everyone seemed to be talking about solid modelling, but I quickly realised that surface modelling was what we really needed, both for packaging design and for tooling manufacture."
 The results of investing in Delcam software have been wide-ranging. "The software and CNC machining have made our toolmaking quicker and more precise. We get a better surface finish and so have been able to cut hand polishing to a minimum." said Dr. Jantaritthirathsamee. "In addition, we can now get a perfect match between the cap and the bottle at the first attempt. Previously, this would have needed a series of trails and adjustments. Similarly, we can also achieve a perfect snap-fit on our powder compacts"

"Delcam software has allowed us to move to more complex containers, something that would have been impossible without such a powerful system. The local cosmetic market closely follows international fashions. We need to be able to match the complexity of any imported designs or our sales would soon suffer."
"It has also helped us win tooling orders from multi-national companies, including Colgate-Palmolive and Nivea. Because of the quality we can achieve, these companies now source their moulds from us, rather than importing them from Japan."