PowerSHAPE for packaging

A design produced by DABLE
A design produced by DABLE

Argentinean company Dable Industrial Design has used PowerSHAPE to boost its product design business. While the company undertakes a wide range of product development work, one of its main areas is in providing design services to the packaging industry. In Argentina the pressures are the same as everywhere else in the world - customers want more complex designs and expect faster delivery.

Most of the company’s projects start with a design brief from the customer covering the basic dimensions, target market, competitor products and any specific user requirements. Any restrictions on the design will also be included, such as the height required for the filling lines or the size of pallets used for distribution. This information is used to produce initial sketches so that the basic concept can be agreed.

PowerSHAPE is then used to produce 3D models of the design. Photorealistic rendering is used to present the design to the client. Normally, the same concept will be offered in a range of colours, surface treatments and labels. The most popular ideas are often also produced as physical models using a Helysis rapid prototyping system. Any changes requested are made to the PowerSHAPE master model. Similarly, the design may need to be revised to produce a series of different sizes.

Once the design is agreed, it is passed to Dable’s sister company, Horizonte. Here the package shape is converted into a mould design again using PowerSHAPE. Close co-operation between the companies ensures that all new products reach the market in the shortest time possible.

Using Delcam’s software reduces costs and time in all stages of the design of the new product. The systems allow work without restrictions, giving fast answers even if the product is complex, and allowing changes at any stage. They give a clear visualisation of the design, together with rapid prototypes when required, plus accurate technical data, such as volume calculations and filling levels.