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  • Delcam’s FeatureCAM aids premier provider of pharmaceutical packaging

Delcam’s FeatureCAM aids premier provider of pharmaceutical packaging

Anderson Packaging uses FeatureCAM for tooling design and manufacture

Anderson Packaging’s reputation as a premier provider of packaging solutions for major pharmaceutical companies around the globe has made it one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical contract packagers in the United States.  The company, which is based in Rockford, Illinois, uses Delcam’s FeatureCAM software to offer full-service outsourcing that ranges from new product launches to ongoing full-scale production including validation, processing and tooling. 

Anderson Packaging credits its commitment to customer responsiveness as the key factor in its success.  With full in-house design and sample creation capabilities, the company speeds the packaging development process to bring customer products to market in the shortest amount of time possible.  Using a total project management approach, it provides responsive and progressively superior packaging solutions for its customers.

To expedite the process of package development for its customers, Anderson uses FeatureCAM for tooling design and manufacture.  Customers can work directly with engineers to easily apply modifications during the initial phase of development.  Approved designs then move quickly to prototyping for hands-on evaluation of samples with full graphics layout. 

Once the packaging design is approved, a complete set of tooling is built specifically for that customer with FeatureCAM.  This includes moulds, dies and tooling for automated production.  Anderson applies the software across its product range, including blister packs, pouches, bottles, and blister cards.

With on-site tooling fabrication facilities, customers are offered the advantage of faster response times, while keeping costs at a minimum.  By integrating its engineering and tooling fabrication capabilities and bringing the work in-house, Anderson Packaging can offer exceptionally innovative solutions for its customers as well as faster product launches and consistent production performance. 

For more information about FeatureCAM or for a free evaluation copy, please call 1.888.393.6455 or visit www.featurecam.com.