Delcam software speeds development of scuba equipment

Underwater flipper designed by Salvas Sub with Delcam’s PowerSHAPE

With Delcam’s Power Solution software, Salvas Sub, the leading Italian manufacturer of scuba equipment based in Castelnuovo Scrivia, can produce three new series of flippers and masks every year. Before the implementation of CADCAM, two years were required to develop a single set of flippers and a matching mask. 
Whether it is for the amateur diver or for the professional sportsman, modern underwater equipment must meet aesthetic and ergonomic requirements, as well as featuring reliability, functionality and comfort. "When developing an underwater product, there are many variables to be taken into account,” explained Fabio Testa, R&D Manager at Salvas Sub, who has been working in this sector for twenty years. "Delcam’s PowerSHAPE hybrid modeller provides all the tools needed to develop complex products and moulds, starting from a two-dimensional drawing or from an incomplete CAD model. The three-dimensional wireframe functions are extremely useful, while the methods for surface and solid modelling are very flexible.”

"This combination of techniques enables us to develop and process complex surfaces, without limitations,” said Mr. Testa. "They are fundamental to the development of our products, especially the face mask where the geometry must take account of all possible variables in human anatomy. CAD software with surface development limited to a few standard shapes would not be acceptable for our work.”

"With PowerSHAPE,” said Mr. Testa, "we can model directly from bitmap images created from sketches and pictures; we can also manipulate several complex surfaces at the same time, quickly and intuitively. This allows us to speed up the conversion of an idea into a finished product.” Equally important is the ability to illustrate new products to customers or during marketing meetings with photorealistic images.

Developments in the PowerMILL CAM software have lead Salvas Sub to re-organize its production processes. In the past, programming of toolpaths took place in the technical department. Currently CAM development is performed in the workshop by machine tool operators using PowerMILL. "The clear and simple user interface, together with the ability to access even complex operations from a single toolbar, makes PowerMILL ideal for programming on the shop floor,” commented Mr. Testa.

"With the implementation of modern CADCAM systems, time to market has been cut, while increasing the quality of our products,” concluded Mr. Testa. "Today, flippers have reduced weight, improved performance and more sophisticated styles, thanks to the Delcam software implemented by our company. Furthermore, we have increased productivity and cut costs.”