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Head and shoulders above the rest

Sculptor Anthony Padgett with the models of the head and shoulders
CopyCAD model of the head and shoulders

Williamson Park in Lancaster recently commissioned historical sculptor Anthony Padgett to undertake a project to create a two-metre high mythological figure in bronze. The sculpture is being created in eight pieces from a 350mm high model, using various reverse engineering and rapid manufacturing technologies.

Thus, as well as being a work of art, the piece will offer future generations a summary of manufacturing technologies at the turn of the millennium. Delcam’s CopyCAD reverse engineering software was used in the production of two of the sections - the head, and the shoulders and upper body.

 For the shoulders and upper body, data were captured in two scan files using Renishaw’s Cyclone digitising equipment. The files were combined and triangulated within CopyCAD’s Digitise module. A clean and water tight STL file was then generated using the TriFIX module.

The Rapid Prototyping and Tooling team at Warwick Manufacturing Group, a part of Warwick University’s Engineering Department, produced a physical model of the shoulders and upper body on their Laminated Object Modelling machine. The finished part was so large that it needed to be divided in half within TriFIX and manufactured as two separate pieces. 

In a similar way, the data for the head was captured by 3D Scanners’ ModelMaker laser scanner, and then scaled and trimmed in the Digitise module, before being capped and cleaned in TriFIX.
The file was passed to Graham Tromans, Manager of BMW Group’s Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Operations in the UK, for the production of the head model on one of his Stereolithography machines.
Mr. Tromans said "The quality of the final model is a testament to the capability of CopyCAD as a tool for creating STL files from laser scan data."

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