Hyundai standardises on Delcam software

Hyundai’s Press Stamping Tool Division now uses PowerMILL for all its machining

Delcam is pleased to announce that Hyundai Motors has standardised on Power Solution software for its Press Stamping Tool Division. The order follows a ten-month evaluation by Hyundai involving fourteen leading CADCAM suppliers from Asia, the USA and Europe.

Unlike most other automotive companies, Hyundai Motors produces much of its press tooling in-house rather than sub-contracting the work to external suppliers. The company does, however, face the same pressures to speed up tooling manufacture as part of its overall efforts to bring its new models to market in the shortest possible time.

Mr. M. Park, General Manager of the Press Stamping Tool Division, invited every CADCAM supplier in Korea to participate in the first benchmarking stage in May last year. "From the start, we knew that Delcam would be one of the leading contenders,” he remembered. "Many of our sub-contractors were already using Delcam software, while our sister company, Hyundai Electronics, was a long-standing Delcam customer.”

Even so, Mr. Park was determined to evaluate all the contenders thoroughly. "Hyundai Motors undertook one of the most thorough evaluation processes in which I have been involved,” commented Mr. C.O. Jeong, President of Delcam’s Korean subsidiary, Hankook Delcam. "Over the first six months, all fourteen systems were investigated in detail. Then, two suppliers were short listed and the evaluation was repeated in even greater depth.”

Giving his reasons for selecting Delcam software, Mr. Park explained, "Our evaluation showed Delcam’s software was the most efficient, giving radically reduced lead times and increased quality. It also provided the easiest integration with our existing system for stamping die design.”

"PowerMILL offered fast calculation speeds, a wider range of cutting strategies and very flexible toolpath editing – all in a very easy to use package. The software also included a number of powerful features specifically needed for press tool manufacture such as pencil machining, rest milling, 3D offset machining and milling within a contact boundary.”

"Our evaluation showed Delcam’s software was the most efficient, giving radically reduced lead times and increased quality.” Mr. M. Park, General Manager of Hyundai’s Press Tool Stamping Division

"Another important factor was the relationship we developed with Hankook Delcam during the evaluation process. Unlike most CADCAM suppliers, the company had maintained good stability through the recent recession and had retained all its skilled engineers. As a result, it offers very good quality support, with instant response,” said Mr. Park. "In addition, very close links exist with the parent company in the UK so we have already been able to develop a good relationship with the development staff there. We have already seen some new features introduced to meet our requirements.”
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