Corporate Industries

Leading Packaging Manufacturer Selects PowerSHAPE

The RPC pack for Cadbury's Mini Eggs

RPC Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of rigid plastics packaging, has selected Delcam’s PowerSHAPE hybrid modelling software for the design of its new products. This decision follows a detailed evaluation by the Group’s Design Department at Raunds, which is responsible for the design and development of both standard containers and bespoke packs created to specific customer briefs for a number of RPC sites.

In recent years, the RPC Design Department has been responsible for an array of groundbreaking, award-winning packs for several well-known companies including Nestlé (Mini Smarties and Mini Polos), Miracle Garden Care (Grasshopper) and Cuprinol (Woodwash). RPC Containers has also been a finalist every year in the Rigid Plastics Supplier of the Year category at the UK Packaging Industry Awards, winning the title for four out of the past five years.

Design Office Manager Roger Morris was one of the team that undertook the evaluation. "The key advantage that PowerSHAPE offers is its ease of use. It is a lot less complicated than the systems we had used in the past,” commented Mr. Morris. "Users can pick it up a lot more quickly. The reduced learning curve means that people become productive in less time and can apply a lot more of the functionality. This is especially important for us as we have many designers that use the system only part of the time.”

"PowerSHAPE also offered a lot more flexibility, with the complex filleting being better than other packages we considered,” said Mr. Morris. "In addition, the pricing was very competitive.”

"Another benefit is the strong support that we receive. Several of the development team have already visited to resolve problems and to obtain our ideas for future enhancements. Furthermore, we can eliminate 3D data transfer problems with our toolmakers as the majority of them also use Delcam software.”

The first project to be completed with PowerSHAPE was an innovative new egg-shaped container for Cadbury’s ever-popular Mini Eggs. The novel design was the result of close development work between Cadbury and RPC, based on a specification that the container should be attractive and eye-catching, and be of a size suitable either for sharing or enjoying on one’s own.

The pack is hinged in the centre and flips open for easy access to the sweets. In order to ensure equal distribution of eggs between the two halves, there is also a hinged lid that closes the top half of the egg. Despite the complexity of the container, it is injection moulded in one piece, incorporating live hinges. Tooling for the project was supplied by Esdale Plastics Ltd, one of several toolmakers used by RPC Containers that have Delcam software.