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Agie Charmilles

Agie Charmilles produces cutting edge machining centers.  They use PowerMILL to support these  machines across the Medical, Die/Mold sectors as well as in complex 5-axis and High Speed machining applications.


Belotti spa is an Italian company with a long history of expertise in the production of 5-axis CNC machining centers for mould tool production within the aeronautical and automotive sectors, particularly in composite and light alloys.

CB Ferrari

CB Ferrari is very successful in the Die Mold and Aerospace industries and uses PowerMILL and PowerSHAPE as well as Delcam Fixture to offer their customers uniquely productive manufacturing solutions.

Citizen Machinery

Citizen Machinery has become a world leader in CNC Swiss turning through continuous innovations and the superior quality of Citizen machines. Delcam and Citizen Machinery have entered into a signed agreement to collaborate on both technical and marketing activities in support of mutual customers world-wide. Please also see details of Delcam's partner Marubeni Citizen-Cincom.


CMS uses PowerMILL to support their advanced routers including 6-axis solutions for specialized industries.

In addition to the close relationship with CMS’s headquarters in Italy, Delcam also work closely with many of its offices across the globe including the CMS – UK Division based in Nottingham, England.

CR Onsrud

CR Onsrud uses PowerMILL to program their advanced line of 5-axis router systems for  advanced applications including trimming, woodworking, and model making.

Creative Evolution

Creative Evolution has partnered with Delcam and uses PowerMILL to demonstrate the performance of their elite line of High Performance controls and machining centers.  


DMG uses a wide range of Delcam products worldwide, including PowerMILL, PartMaker and FeatureCAM, to highlight the manufacturing capabilities of their diverse line of advanced machining solutions.

Doosan Infracore

Doosan Infracore uses FeatureCAM to showcase the broad range of milling and turning machines they produce. Doosan Infracore has chosen to partner with PartMaker Inc. because of the uniquely productive programming solution PartMaker provides for its range of Multitasking Turn-Mill Centers. PartMaker supports the full programming capability of the Daewoo Puma, TT and MX Turn-Mill Centers.

Dynamic International

Dynamic International uses PowerMILL to support the diverse range of machining centers and boring machine they sell including OKK, FPT, Kuraki among many others.

Exeron The almost 10 years of partnership started with the Digma range of HSC machines.
Many licences of PowerMILL are used by the Exeron Application engineers to reach the high level of accuracy demanded by Exeron customers in 3 to 5 axis machining.
Ganesh Industrial Supply, Inc. Ganesh Industrial Supply, Inc. was established in March of 1985. Ganesh is a supplier of a full line of CNC equipment and accessories including the Ganesh Cyclone series of multi-tasking, sliding headstock lathes. A number of Ganesh distributors, including International Screw Machine Services endorse the usage of PartMaker for programming these machines. A number of leading Ganesh users have chosen PartMaker as their CAD/CAM system of choice.

Haas has selected PowerMILL and FeatureCAM because of the flexibility and performance provided across the entire range of machining products they manufacture. 

Haas Hanwha USA, the U.S. importer of Hanwha CNC Swiss-type lathes, is a PartMaker Solution Provider. Hanwha USA has recognized PartMaker's superiority in the programming of CNC Swiss-type lathes and it endorses its usage to its customer base.

Hardinge uses PowerMILL, FeatureCAM, and PartMaker software to support the diverse product line they manufacture.  They have selected Delcam because our broad range of CAM software provides them with unique, cutting edge solutions in the many industries to which they sell.


Hermle has selected PowerMILL for programming because it offers them the flexibility and advanced functionality they need to support the advanced 5-axis solutions they provide.


Hurco has used PowerMILL software in the research and development of their range of 5-axis machining centers as well as to demonstrate these capabilities to the market.


Huron have special expertise in the manufacture of High End Machines plus their normal range of High Precision Machining Centers, Turn/Mill Centers, Turning Centers and Multi-tasking Machines catering to Automotive, Aerospace, Die & Mould and other premium manufacturing sectors. Huron’s partnership with Delcam provides unique and high-end technological solutions to customers.


Jyoti have special expertise in the manufacture of High End Machines plus their normal range of High Precision Machining Centers, Turn/Mill Centers, Turning Centers and Multi-tasking Machines catering to Automotive, Aerospace, Die & Mould and other premium manufacturing sectors. Jyoti's partnership with Delcam provides unique and high-end technological solutions to customers.


Makino is an excellent partner with PowerMILL in helping with development of programming techniques to achieve ever greater surface finish and accuracies. 

Maier Werkzeugmaschinen

Maier Werkzeugmaschinen of Germany has chosen to partner with PartMaker Inc. to offer a productive program solution. The two companies have colaborated to provide a unique programming solution for the entire range of Maier CNC Swiss-type lathes.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Marubeni Citizen-Cincom was founded in 1984 to market and service Citizen's CINCOM family of Swiss-type turning centers in the United States. A number of Marubeni Citizen-Cincom distributors endorse the usage and/or offer PartMaker SwissCAM as a CNC programming solution to their customers.

Matsuura - Pioneers in the development & manufacture of High Speed Spindles & High Accuracy CNC Machine Tools, Matsuura have been at the forefront of providing Engineering excellence through innovation since 1935.


Mazak - Produce machine tools and systems for the precision machining of metal parts, including CNC turning centers, horizontal and vertical machining centers, multi-tasking machining centers, turnkey cells, and software solutions to help customers achieve lean, efficient manufacturing operations.

Methods Machine Tools

Methods Machine Tools uses PowerMILL to program their most demanding applications in Die/Mold, Aerospace, and complex 5-axis applications.


A number of Miyano distributors in the U.S. and around the world endorse the usage and/or offer PartMaker as the CNC programming solution of choice to their customers.

Mori Seiki

Mori Seiki is dedicated to providing their customers with proven posts and proven technology and has worked closely with Delcam to ensure that PowerMILL, PartMaker and FeatureCAM can fully support their machines.


PartMaker is a partner of number of Nakamura importers around the world including Methods Machine Tools (USA) and Solver (Russia). Additionally, many leading Nakamura users have standardized on PartMaker for their CNC programming needs. PartMaker supports the full line of Nakamura Turn-Mill centers including the twin-turret twin spindle TW and WT models, the three turret WTS model, the four turret WTW model and the B-axis equipped Super NTX and STW models.

NexTurn PartMaker SwissCAM is the recomended off-line programming solution for NexTurn CNC Swiss-type lathe. IMCS Inc., the developers of PartMaker SwissCAM, works closely with NexTurn's American importer, Tyler Machine, to assure seemless integration between PartMaker and NexTurn Swiss-type lathes.

OKK - Since 1915, customers across the globe have praised the reliability and precision of OKK horizontal and vertical machine tools.


Okuma - One of the world's leading machine tool manufacturers, Okuma provides a wide range of high technology CNC machine tools for turning, milling, drilling as well as grinding.


Omniturn is a builder of precision CNC lathes and control retrofits for manual Hardinge lathes. Omniturn is a PartMaker Solution Provider. Omniturn manufactures both 2-axis lathes as well as lathes with live tooling. Omniturn has recognized PartMaker's superiority in the programming of CNC Swiss-type lathes and it endorses its usage to its customer base.


Paventa is in partnership with Delcam and they are using a wide range of products as PowerMILL, FeatureCAM to highlight the performance of their machining centres within the Die Mold and Aerospace industries.


Roders has offered PowerMILL along with their Die/Mold machines for years based on PowerMILL's ability to deliver high quality surface finishes, exacting tolerances, and high performance simultaneously.

Roku Roku

Roku Roku uses PowerMILL to support the demanding customer in the Die/Mold arena and other highly demanding markets.

Romi Machine Tools, Ltd. (RMTL)

Romi Machine Tools, Ltd. (RMTL) is the U.S. subsidiary of Romi and is responsible for the importation, sales and support of all Romi machine tool products. RMTL offers PartMaker with its line of CNC mills and lathes.

Single Source Technologies

Single Source Technologies uses Delcam software to demonstrate new technology and best methods for manufacturing to local industry.


Sodick partners with Delcam to provide the best technical solutions possible to customers in very demanding markets.  together we are able to provide the best surface finish, highest accuracies, and shortest cycle times to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. 

Spring Technologies

NCSIMUL is a SPRING Technologies solution for CNC simulation and verification programs. It is the long-standing and proven ability of NCSIMUL to give safe and optimized NC programs that attracted the Delcam team. The PowerMILL/FeatureCAM and NCSIMUL interface provides a complete solution for an accurate and efficient CAM-to-CNC machine programming process.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. has chosen PartMaker to be a member of it exclusive Alliance Partnership of recommended products for use with its full line of Star CNC Swiss-type lathes. Additionally, a number of Star CNC distributors throughout the U.S. and around the world offer PartMaker SwissCAM.




PartMaker Inc. and Tornos have collaborated to integrate PartMaker SwissCAM and TB-DECO software in a truly robust and seamless manner. By working in partnership with Tornos, PartMaker SwissCAM became the first CAM system on the market that allows Tornos Deco users to program their machines directly from an off-line CAM system. PartMaker SwissCAM also supports the full line of older Tornos ENC model CNC Swiss-type lathes.


Toshiba - Due to its close technical relationship and numerous joint customers in Japan, Delcam has been chosen as a global CAM partner of Toshiba Machine. Toshiba is a leading supplier of high-speed machining centers in Japan and North America. "We are extremely honored to have been chosen as Toshiba's global CAM partner," said Delcam international sales director Tim Mitchell. "It is a real testament to the skills of our development staff when such a respected company recommends that its customers should use our software."

TOS Varnsdorf TOS Varnsdorf uses FeatureCAM to highlight the capabilities of their horizontal milling and boring machines, characterized by high performance, progressive design and reliability.

REM/Sales, the U.S. importer of Tsugami CNC Swiss-type lathes, is a PartMaker Solution Provider. REM Sales has recognized PartMaker's superiority in the programming of CNC Swiss-type lathes and it endorses its usage to its customer base.

ZMM-Bulgaria ZMM-Bulgaria uses FeatureCAM to showcase the wide range of machine tools they design and produce, including CNC lathes and Universal lathes.

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