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PowerMILL Dental

Precision is important in creating consistent fits on dental restorations. That is why PowerMILL with its proven accuracy in industry is the right choice for your CAM and milling machine. Our optimised toolpaths and milling expertise will ensure your throughput is efficient with consistently good results.

PowerMILL supports a wide range of configurations from 3+2 axis crown and bridge restorations to advanced 5 axis abutments, bars and superstructures. Whether you have multi block fixturing, pre-milled abutments or standard zirconia discs - PowerMILL is customisable to your processes and requirements.

The range of automation tools which allow lights out machining and parallel processing will ensure your machine tool and operators are fully utilised with less idle time.

When your Dental CAM demands efficiency and quality, choose PowerMILL.

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What we do ...

Our Dental Design and Manufacturing Solution offers you a new, totally digital process which has the following benefits ...

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PowerMILL Dental PowerMILL Dental


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