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Delcam adds online demonstration of clay-milling software for CMMs

A video has been added to Delcam.TV demonstrating Delcam’s software for clay milling with CMMs

Delcam has added a video to its online video channel demonstrating its software for clay milling of styling models with coordinate measuring machines.  The video, which is located at, covers the complete clay design and manufacturing process using Autodesk’s Alias software for styling, followed by machining and inspection on a Stiefelmayer CMM programmed with the Delcam software.

The PowerMILL Clay-MILLING software was developed by combining machining technology from Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining with CMM connection technology from the company’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.  The package has a simplified interface that gives it the same look and feel as PowerINSPECT.

The combination of CMM and software for machining is intended primarily for use in automotive styling but could also have applications in other sectors, such as the marine industry, that use clay models for design reviews.  When operated with PowerINSPECT and the new clay-milling software, the CMM can be used as a multi-purpose tool for measurement, digitising, marking out and milling.

Depending on the size of the CMM, designers can machine a complete car body or sections of the design.  If required, the design can be re-machined following design reviews using digitised curves or scan data.

The software has been developed specifically for the production of styling models and comprises a number of templates for the machining techniques that are needed in these applications, such as raster machining, Z-level area clearance and rest finishing.  The full range of PowerMILL strategies is available in the background so additional templates can be created if required, either by an expert user in the company or by Delcam’s support team.

The use of templates provides very simple methods for users to take advantage of all the benefits of PowerMILL, including multi-threading on multi-core hardware for faster calculation times and 64-bit support for easier processing of large, complex models.  The clay milling software can use all of the data translation options available for PowerMILL and PowerINSPECT, including standard formats, such as IGES, STEP and VDA, and translators for leading design software like CATIA and Siemens NX, as well as Autodesk’s Alias.  Similarly, the software uses Delcam’s proven simulation and visualisation technology to check the toolpaths on the computer before sending them to the CMM.

The clay-milling software can be used together with PowerINSPECT’s marking-out option for refining or completing clay models.  This utility enables curves created within PowerINSPECT to be used to guide a marking out tool on a measuring device or layout machine.  Time-saving features make it easy for users to display the details of digitised curves, to switch between curves, and to select, edit and mark out points within the curves.

For further information on Delcam’s clay-milling software, please contact: -
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23 June 2014

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