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Delcam’s PartMaker SwissCAM selected by Citizen as a preferred CAM system

Full Machine Simulation on a Citizen M3-32 of a medical component programmed in a PartMaker SwissCAM

CADCAM developer Delcam has entered into a strategic partnership with Citizen Machinery, the world-leading builder of Swiss-type lathes, to encourage the use of the company’s PartMaker SwissCAM software by Citizen customers.  Delcam and Citizen Machinery have entered into a signed agreement to collaborate on both technical and marketing activities in support of Citizen’s customers world-wide.

As a Citizen-preferred CAM system, PartMaker SwissCAM will be referred to the company’s customers and distributors world-wide as one of a few selected solutions for meeting the wide variety of machining needs of the company and its customers.  PartMaker SwissCAM will also be featured on Citizen’s machine-tool displays at trade shows and open houses around the world.

PartMaker SwissCAM has been the programming system of choice for many of Citizen’s leading users for almost a decade, including such industry leaders as Smith and Nephew, Biomet, Medtronic, ITT and many others.  PartMaker SwissCAM supports the full line of Citizen machines with robust, field-proven and well-supported post-processors, including all currently available Citizen models in the A, B, C, K, L, M and R series ranges, as well as older models no longer in production such as the E and F series machines.  This comprehensive range allows users with a variety of Citizen machines to quickly switch their PartMaker programs from one machine to the next.  Using the software’s Full Machine Simulation module, Citizen users can simulate the machining process in 3D on any number of Citizen machines on their computer desktop before generating an accurate program. 

"With Delcam’s 350 international sales and support offices, we are comfortable in saying that Citizen’s own staff, customers and dealers can now enjoy truly global support of their programming needs with PartMaker SwissCAM, a comfort level that has lead to consummation of this agreement,” according to Geoff Bryant, Managing Director for Citizen Machinery in the UK.

 "PartMaker SwissCAM has been dedicated to the productivity of Citizen users for the better part of decade,” says Hanan Fishman, President of the PartMaker Division of Delcam.  "The fact that Citizen is acknowledging this contribution by choosing to partner with PartMaker SwissCAM is very gratifying validation of our long standing commitment to the Citizen user community, a commitment we hope to deepen with this agreement.”

"Choosing the correct software is more important than ever for Citizen users,” claimed Mr. Fishman.  "Part complexity is increasing, while manufacturing runs are getting shorter.  The increased complexity makes it more difficult for companies to use manual methods to program their machines, while the shorter runs mean that the benefits of PartMaker software in reducing programming times and set-up times are more important than ever.”

More on Citizen

Citizen Machinery has become a world leader in CNC Swiss turning through continuous innovations and the superior quality of Citizen machines. Because of its high regard for customers, Citizen focuses on maximizing satisfaction by addressing customer needs (including after-sales services) and increasing the value of collaboration.

Citizen Machinery looks to the future by continuing a reputation that has been built on solid relationships, being an innovative pioneer in the machine tool manufacturing industry and providing a valuable working relationship with customers.

More on PartMaker

PartMaker is a Knowledge Based Machining system, allowing it to provide a substantial gain in programming efficiency by remembering the tools, material and process information necessary to machine individual part features.  It thus relieves the user from reentering the same features information for subsequent parts.  It also improves productivity by placing the emphasis on tool management functions.

PartMaker pioneered the field of CAM software for Turn-Mills and Swiss-type lathes with its patented Visual Programming Approach for programming multi-axis lathes with live tooling. It assures quicker learning and easier use. It makes an extensive use of pictures to help the user describe tools, part features and machining data.  Synchronization of tools working on multiple spindles is achieved by a few mouse clicks.

PartMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAM software solutions.  Delcam Plc is publicly traded on the AIM exchange in London.  While PartMaker is sold direct in North America by PartMaker Inc. PartMaker is sold overseas through a network of sales partner offices operating in over 80 countries.

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