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Turning Small Parts In A Big Way

PartMaker handles the most complex aspects of Swiss programming quickly and easily.

True to its Southern heritage, Count On Tools (Gainesville, Georgia) makes money the old fashioned way: By earning it. This shop does so by manufacturing complex parts on its multi-axis CNC Swiss smarter and more efficiently than other suppliers to the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

The company specializes in manufacturing the nozzles used to fuse microscopic electronic devices onto circuit boards. These circuit boards then go into any range of electronic devices, from desktop computers to cellular phones. In some cases, the nozzles the company machines are used to pick up devices the size of a salt granule (about 0.01 by 0.02 inch). The company has made nozzles with holes as small as 0.005 inch in materials ranging from 440, 303, A2 and a range of exotic plastics.

Currently, Count On Tools’ roster of equipment includes two Star SR-20R Swiss-type lathes and a nine-axis Star SV-32. The company bought its first Star SR-20R—one of the first SR-20Rs in the United States—in 1998. Upon acquiring the company’s first Star, president and founder Curt Couch became eager to find a CAD/CAM programming system that would allow his company to program its complex components quickly while using the full capabilities of the machine. Count On Tools adopted PartMaker SwissCAM from PartMaker Inc., a Division of Delcam PLC in 2001 to achieve this goal.

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