Rapid Prototyping

Welcome to CADCAM for Rapid Prototyping


The key to success with any rapid prototyping or layer manufacturing process is a quality STL file.

It makes no difference if your model is composed of surfaces or solids, PowerSHAPE can export a fixed, watertight STL file. A suite of ‘wizards’ automatically detect and repair common error conditions, while providing you with complete control over how the mesh is created. PowerSHAPE’s fast, intuitive model repair tools mean that even if your original CAD model has missing or damaged surfaces you can quickly fix the model and continue.

Delcam’s reverse engineering software, contains comprehensive tools for repairing and modifying STL models interactively, so your process chain can continue unbroken even if you do not have a CAD model to begin with.

PowerMILL, Delcam’s complete machining solution, can produce accurate toolpaths, up to 5 axis simultaneous, direct from STL models, bringing even more flexibility to your manufacturing process.

Delcam’s software has been tried and tested with all of the common Rapid Prototyping systems, for production of both form-and-fit test parts and prototype tooling. Our continuing involvement in European projects such as CARP and Hiper-Moulding ensures that you are guaranteed of quality results whichever rapid prototyping system you choose.


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