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CADCAM software is used globally, and in virtually every industry. Users range from one-man sign making shops to large multi-national corporations. All of these users had to start somewhere, by learning what CADCAM was all about. Delcam software provides a unique breadth of functionality, enabling students to learn about all aspects of CADCAM from design through to manufacture.

Working closely with key educational establishments, schools, colleges and universities, Delcam and its global network of sales partners has supplied software that perfectly meets the needs of educators and learners. Whatever the course, from mechanical engineering to product design, if you need to design or manufacture complex 3D shapes, Delcam can offer best in class solutions.

PowerSHAPE-e goes a step further, providing comprehensive CAD, identical to that used in industry, but FREE. Free for schools, for colleges, for students, for everyone! PowerSHAPE-e also comes with a ready-made CAD introduction course for lecturers and a series of tutorials and exercises for students. Everything you need to run a complete CAD course, totally FREE! See www.powershape-e.com for full details, and get your copy today.

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