Welcome to Automotive CADCAM


Delcam's software is used by leading automotive manufacturers and their sub-contractors to enable the introduction of new cars and design variants in far shorter times than had previously been thought possible.

Leading automotive organisations use Delcam's products in the conceptual design of new products, others for the design and manufacture of prototypes, and the production of tooling, and still others for ensuring the quality of the products at all stages throughout manufacture. At whichever point in the process Delcam's products are used, they enable companies to shorten their time to market, improve product quality and reduce overall costs. Read about Delphi in American Machinist.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful, flexible concept design tools.
  • Can handle data from other CAD systems including UG, CATIA and SDRC.
  • Modelling for manufacture capabilities speed product development.
  • Accurate molds or press tools generated rapidly from product designs.
  • Advanced high-speed and 5 Axis machining techniques.
  • Fast, easy to use inspection of prototypes, tooling and components.


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